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The Life Span Clinic

The Life Span Clinic currently serves patients from 4- to 5-year old young children to elderly people in their 80s. Children and adolescents make up 75 percent of the clinic population, and adults make up about 25 percent. Many of our patients have complex psycho-pathology with a very chronic course of illness. Following these patients over a long span of time in the same clinic gives us an excellent chance to see how psychiatric illnesses progress/unfold over a period of time, especially as children and adolescents transition into adulthood. Psychiatric illnesses often have a high heritability and affect more than one member of the family. If required, more than one member of the family is offered treatment in the same clinic to reduce barriers to treatment. We try to truly "practice" a Bio-Psycho-Social Model of treatment in providing care in this clinic.

An integrated model of psychopharmacology- psychotherapy is used where we encourage the use of psycho-social interventions such as psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family therapy, interpersonal therapy, play therapy, etc., within the framework of a 30-minute medication visit. Our clinic routinely uses empirically validated psychiatric rating scales and measures outcomes to check effectiveness of our treatments.

Referrals are also taken from other psychiatric and medical providers for consultations regarding complex cases.